5 Reasons Your Dog Itches: Starting from Scratch

Many trips to the animal hospital begin with a pet owner's observation of scratching. Between skin allergies and skin infections, scratching is the most common complaint that brings dogs to veterinary clinics,2 and with good reason. When a dog is licking, biting and clawing until the skin is visibly broken, it points to an underlying problem that will require medical attention. Below are five leading causes of itching that afflict dogs and disrupt household life. Read more

End the Pilling Battle with Your Pet

Dogs and cats are attracted to the smell and taste of many different things, but pill-flavored pet food isn't one of them. A few precious pets will voluntarily swallow a pill. Other dogs and cats are willing to ignore the pill if it's masked in food. But at the end of the day, most pets don't like being induced to take pills. Read on to learn more about methods you may have tried, as well as a potential solution. Read more


Easier Skin Infection Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Because CONVENIA is an injectable antibiotic, pet owners like Jane can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing her dog Luke is receiving his proper dose throughout the treatment period.

Safe Skin Infection Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Hear Geoff explain the benefits his dog Misty receives from an injection of CONVENIA when compared with orally administered medications.