One dose of CONVENIA eliminates the hassle and stress of pilling your dog. One injection of CONVENIA provides peace of mind that your dog is getting the full course of therapy recommended by your dogs veterinarian.

For example, an average size dog may have one dose of CONVENIA or receive 2 pills twice a day.

One dose of convenia eliminates the hassle and stress of keeping a dosing schedule

With CONVENIA there are no doses to remember.

With oral medications, if you miss a dose or simply aren't able to give your pet a pill at the right time, treatment may be less effective. But with a shot of CONVENIA, your veterinarian administers up to 14 days of an effective antibiotic* to your dog or cat.1,2

You may see results in hours with CONVENIA.

CONVENIA is a fast-acting antibiotic that targets the bacteria that cause signs of skin infection soon after injection, so you may begin to see progress in a matter of hours.3,4

It's not a daily struggle with CONVENIA.

Dogs and cats seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to oral medications. They know - and often become uncooperative - when we try to sneak a pill into their favorite treats. And when pets frantically struggle against their owners - almost as though they're complete strangers - a long-acting antibiotic in the form of a CONVENIA injection just makes more sense.

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With CONVENIA your pet receives continuous antibiotic treatment.

Whether your dog or cat is hard to pill or you forget a dose, accidentally interrupting the treatment regimen is all too easy. When this happens, your pet may not consistently receive the amount of antibiotic needed to fight off the infection. A single injection of CONVENIA provides antibiotic therapy around the clock for up to 14 days.*1,2

One shot of CONVENIA delivers up to two weeks of treatment.*1,2

With a single injection of CONVENIA, given by your veterinarian, you can rest easy knowing that for the next 14 days, your dog or cat will benefit from a complete course of antibiotic treatment. CONVENIA is the only long-lasting antibiotic solution for your dog's or cat's skin infection without daily doses, without pilling and without fuss.